Please note that SCOPE is no longer supported or developed and will be permanently decommissioned and the downloadable sources and executable will be removed on July 1, 2016.

Dartmouth College SCOPE Version 2.1.0

See the new video article about SCOPE from Journal of Visualized Experiments.

Welcome to SCOPE (Suite for Computational identification Of Promoter Elements), an ensemble of programs aimed at identifying novel cis-regulatory elements from groups of upstream sequences.
The SCOPE motif finder is designed to identify candidate regulatory DNA motifs from sets of genes that are coordinately regulated. SCOPE motif finder uses an ensemble of three programs behind the scenes to identify different kinds of motifs - BEAM identifies nondegenerate motifs (e.g. ACGTGC), PRISM identifies degenerate motifs (e.g. AWCGRYH), and SPACER identifies bipartite motifs (e.g. ACCNNNNNNNNNGTT). All parameters are automatically set to find the optimal length motif and degree of degeneracy in the reported motifs. To get started, choose a species and an upstream length, then enter a list of gene names (or FASTA sequences) and press the "Run SCOPE" button. For more details, see FAQs and Publications links at the top of the page.
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